Disclaimers – August 6, 2022

graphix” spwilcen MA Language: May contain adult concepts – reality, truth, full disclosure, and/or sarcasm No. 48:Which reads: “May contain milk/peanuts/soy/wheat.” — This one is easy pickings.  Let’s take Milk, Moo Cow Juice, Bossy Cola, Bovine Lactose Leakage. — “Pardon me. What are you buying there?” “A gallon of milk.” “‘Milk,’ did you say?” “Yes.”Continue reading “Disclaimers – August 6, 2022”

Trust Me, I’m An Expert – March 20, 2022

Graphix: spwilcen Read where bigpharm has once again assumed the role of doctor to everyone.  Another “booster” is necessary, advisable.  Well, sure.  If the government (middle-class here in Usoffa) is gonna pay for it, damn straight!  Smell like crass commercialism?  This begins to look a lot like International Secretary’s Day or Valentine’s Day or SausageContinue reading “Trust Me, I’m An Expert – March 20, 2022”