Everyone is a Writer – February 1, 2023

spwilcen Kicked a Stone It’s true.  Everyone is a writer.  Precious few good ones.  A few more mediocre.  The uncountable rest working somewhere in the shadows of terrible. But “writers” all. Busted! [You say:] Look, you old grouch.  Everyone talks.  It’s natural.  Same with writing.  It’s natural. You cannot, you old bastid, declare most “writers”Continue reading “Everyone is a Writer – February 1, 2023”

The Problem – Octember 2, 2022

Opinion graphix: spwilcen The problem with children… …is that they grow to be adults. — Originally, the keyboard wrote “grow up to be adults.” Which implies “up” is an improvement or maturation. Neither of which is correct.  I submit maturation into adulthood or abandonment of childish wisdom is a tragic loss. Children are not toContinue reading “The Problem – Octember 2, 2022”

What’s Wrong with US Part VI – November 17, 2021

Graphix by spwilcen Sadly, it is necessary I disclaim this content, reminding readers it is jaundiced opinion including not the first feeble attempt to document or substantiate.  You’ve been advised. For the Series Overture, clickback… Or press blindly on.  No need for a cup of coffee for this. It will be brief.  Brief because IContinue reading “What’s Wrong with US Part VI – November 17, 2021”

Chuckling to Myself – January 18, 2021

“Don Quixote’s Entrance into the Sea” circa 1955, PSW [Reviewing, it is obvious some could see this offensive for language or not being PC. Consider it NSFW for those reasons.] I have to stop doing that – chuckling to myself.  I am a pompous twit.  Not all the time. Often enough to consider I shouldContinue reading “Chuckling to Myself – January 18, 2021”