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  1. Hi,

    Is there any way that you can provide an audio version of your blog?

    I recently started commuting with my new job for few hours in the day driving and I would still like to read your new blogs.

    I’ve a friend who told me that she added a button on her website that transforms the text into human like audio.

    You can see the audio button on her website, like in this blog.

    She is using a service called websitevoice and she says its free and easy to install.

    The audio sounds great to me and I would appreciate if you can do the same, a male voice would be great in my opinion 🙂


    Julia Fredenbug

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    1. Ms. Fredenberg –

      I apologize that I let this request get buried in the “Please approve” stack. I’m not you see, widely followed and it’s rare and rather nice someone actually took time to suggest an improvement in my presentation.

      Especially heartening that your request suggests you might actually enjoy some of my babble. Interesting. Part of my self-edit before posting incorporates letting Word “read” my effort to me. Alternately, especially with a difficult or socially inflammatory piece or one I’m trying to pass-off as humor, I’ll read to whatever unfortunate soul I can corral. My convoluted though processes often leeching into what I write, oral presentation, putting emphasis, pauses, and variable inflection into the listener’s ears makes the obscure more understandable. I think. Mebbe not.

      Tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to put your links into my “Probably ought to get to this real soon” to-do list and give a gander. Maybe I can make something happen.

      You follow the blog? Long enough to ever have seen my creative posts – Shorts, Flash, Poemetry, Observations, Conversations? There’s where a “read” might really be nice, though alas for lack of acknowledged readership I yanked those off the site.

      I’ll keep you posted.

      Oh. I know the essential demographics of regular WP readers and email followers. Some old coots, Boomers, a good gender mix, some firebrand youngsters, and some bona fide intellectuals, Repullicans and Democranks. Mostly US, but the British Isles, South America, Eastern Europe, Scandanavia, Asia, Africa, Canada, Israel and Australia in there. Not prying but of natural curiosity to understand appeal (or lack of it) might I ask where you lie demographically? Youth, Middle-age, Boomer? US? Europe, India? Took a guess on gender, but in this day and age, you know…

      Best of luck, and whatever success you are looking for, in your new job. As I tell former youthful charges – “Show’m your stuff!”

      Regards, and thank you for spending time here.


    2. Ms. Fredenberg –
      Catching-up on chores around the site, I’ve looked into adding audio and the links you sent. In May of this year I downgraded from Premium Business to “Freebie” account status. Reasons are many and irrelevant just now. Investigating installation, I learned does not play nice with unpaid WP accounts. I’ll not push it any further since the vendor came right out with that fact, meaning klutzing-around would be pointless. Because of your interest, the idea is on my radar though. Oddly, only days after your suggestion, two others regularly following me suggested adding audio. I will look into other add-ons and certainly if I continue with WP and go back to a premium account it will be doable. At present those irrelevant reasons mentioned above make upgrading (or even continuing on WP) unlikely. Again, I thank you for your interest and your suggestion. I will keep you updated. SPWilcen


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