Atmospheric Dandruff – Novober 12, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Trusted sources A visitor here from the deep south announced this morning that we were to expect snow locally, “heavy at times” according to the wild-wonderful-wacky page produced by “Trust me, I’m a skilled Meteorologist.” Piffle.  Temperature according to my dependable inside/outside thermo-meter-humidity-reader-outer was fifty degrees.  Not conducive to snow. Should have calledContinue reading “Atmospheric Dandruff – Novober 12, 2022”

Dress for the Season – Novober 10, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Cowboy Sartorial In keeping with the new modus operandi, you can’t dine here. This is a creative piece, To see it, you must work for it. Most won’t. That too, is something of an established modus opperandi. That the? Didn’t make the cut for “Tales of the West” compilation.  Still, it wasn’t badContinue reading “Dress for the Season – Novober 10, 2022”

A Halloween Story – Octember 15, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Fictional works are not readily available here anymore.  That paradigm didn’t work well.  Discouraged readers and befuzzled spwilcen. This piece however is seasonal. Like a punkin it has limited shelf-life. So I offer it up through the back door. It comes with a mild warning of MA suitability. Relax. No punkins were harmedContinue reading “A Halloween Story – Octember 15, 2022”

From the Archives – Octember 14, 2022

spwilcen Here’s a bit of flash fiction pulled from archives outside spwilcenwrites. SciFI and Speculative Fiction. Originally in TheProse 7/10/2020. Here in spwilcenwrites 10/14/2022.  Nine-minute reading time at 995 words. One, two, three, four, five.  Five people as different from each other as night and day are cloistered in a bus stop, momentarily isolated fromContinue reading “From the Archives – Octember 14, 2022”

Kicked a Stone – Octember threeteenth, 2002

spwilcen All walks in life are not scenic rural paths or bustling city avenues. Rather enjoy megastore parking lots.  It you’re alert and any kind of observant, you’ll chance across an abandoned penny here, another there. Now and again a nickel or a dime. It’s rare but you might be the first to happen byContinue reading “Kicked a Stone – Octember threeteenth, 2002”

Fluid Dynamics – Octember 0xA, 0x7E6

spwilcen MA: Language and curmudgeonliness A long-winded build-up Not a science junky, I paid attention in biology, chemistry, physics, and metal shop. I mean when the material presented was neither too basic nor too complex. And when no nearby lass managed, trying to do so or not, to capture my attentions for reasons I understoodContinue reading “Fluid Dynamics – Octember 0xA, 0x7E6”

Aliens – Octember 6, 2022

spwilcen NSFW: curmudgeonry Yesterday Evening… Three little aliens brought home for dinner.We didn’t eat them.Meant there would be five at the table to dine.Okay.Five plates, five glasses, five forks, five knives.Maybe five spoons.Sensibly, no more.Sure. Someone had to take the aliens home.Someone then, given scullery watch.Me.Twenty plates,Fifteen forks, six knives, twelve spoons,Eight glasses six bowls,Continue reading “Aliens – Octember 6, 2022”