Penpals – Special January 30, 2023

spwilcen [Febenary 8th or 9th, I’m not sure which: Originally intended for late January. Got set aside for one reason or another. Probably good reasons, but I don’t remember. Cleaning electron house. Getting ready to knuckle down, buckle down, hit it, hit it, hit it!] Gotta love a month with thirty-one days Franz!  Followers!  FaithfulContinue reading “Penpals – Special January 30, 2023”

Routine Maintenance – February 9, 2023

spwilcen (Or how WP “Reader Search” software functions) After a flood of bloggers whose efforts I “follow” (1) cross over to the dark side, becoming more commercial than informative or entertaining, (2) fall into “posted elsewhere” routines, (3) habitually post mostly “features” I’ve chosen not to read for one reason or another, or (4) fallContinue reading “Routine Maintenance – February 9, 2023”

Morning Update – January 35, 2034

graphix: spwilcen Sadly, oh so sadly, this is all-too-real satire. 2024 National Election Prospects [5:13 AM Left Coast Time] Talltree Times and Trader has just learned from a second trusted source that the conflict between (Giggler) Kammy Harris and (C’mon, man) Sleepy Creepy over who should be Democratic candidate for First Clown in upcoming nationalContinue reading “Morning Update – January 35, 2034”

Frozen Dessert – January 21, 2023

graphix: spwilcen Trigger: Language, politiciansTSG Approval: 2023-01-007-ERMLexiphobe Clearance: Don’t blink Calipers, Blades, and Mallets Pissing in the snow does not make lemon sorbet. What’s that mean? Take Politicians. People don’t like your horse?  Paint it blue, put a zit the size of a banana on its forehead, and it’s a unicorn.  Close enough. Consider MainStreamContinue reading “Frozen Dessert – January 21, 2023”

Spastic Noodles – January 13, 2023

Graphix: spwilcenTSG Approval: 2023-01-003-AFULexiphobe Clearance: Level one: minimal Zooks – triskaidekaphobia Or as most of us know it, fear of Friday the Thir4teenthg.  [Hmm. Something going on here, that’s not exactly the word I meant to type.  Odd.  No theremin or suspenseful organ background music.  No strobe lights.  Listen.  Hear that? Exactly. Nothing. No ominousContinue reading “Spastic Noodles – January 13, 2023”

Happy, Happy – January 11, 2023

Happy, Happy – January 11, 2023 graphix: spwilcen Tried.  Can’t manage it. Why not? Been suffering a doozie of a cold for two and one-half days now.  A real beaut.  Plugged nose, fever, headache, muscle aches, coughing, sneezing, and loss of appetite. Traditional OTC remedies to this point.  Aspirin, vitamin C, Zinc, rybopropobutilase1, throat lozenges,Continue reading “Happy, Happy – January 11, 2023”

Twelfth Night – January 6, 2023

graphix: spwilcen TSG Approval: 2023-01-001-ABJLexiphobe Clearance: Under 250 words incluse tutte le note Didja ever notice? This is Twelfth Night, right?  Um, holiday1 decorations should be coming down, right?  Fragile doodads wrapped and all packed away in huge boxes to be schlepped to the dustiest reaches of the attic or the cobwebbiest bowels of theContinue reading “Twelfth Night – January 6, 2023”

Morning Brief – January 4, 2023

graphix: spwilcen Answered prayers From our MSM friends at NBC News – Whoa-up Californica!  Get your buckets out. Build reservoirs in Beverly’s Hills. This is a dream come true; you’re getting the water you covet.  Get busy.  This way you won’t have to build a pipeline from the Great Lakes with Federal funds to keepContinue reading “Morning Brief – January 4, 2023”

Season’s Grumblings – December 17, 2022

graphix: spwilcen Let’s be a little Grinchy.1 Words mean nothing without context Usually.  Anyway, certainly, someone will indignantly opine that statement far afield.1.5 I mean for a word to have meaning, it must be accompanied by A few companion words.Lifts or twitches of eyebrows marking exclamation, interrobang, or interrogation.Twisting or pursed lips mortar-and-pestling context.Syncopated changesContinue reading “Season’s Grumblings – December 17, 2022”

Fluid Dynamics – Octember 0xA, 0x7E6

spwilcen MA: Language and curmudgeonliness A long-winded build-up Not a science junky, I paid attention in biology, chemistry, physics, and metal shop. I mean when the material presented was neither too basic nor too complex. And when no nearby lass managed, trying to do so or not, to capture my attentions for reasons I understoodContinue reading “Fluid Dynamics – Octember 0xA, 0x7E6”