Arguing the Chicken and the Egg – May 16, 2023

spwilcen He’s at it again. Not nice. If you’re a gentle person, don’t read any further. Yes, here in the subD I spend a lot of time outdoors working on the yard, chasing rabbits, filling rabbit holes, pulling herbicide-resistant weeds, stabbing dandelions, tending the compost pile, and indeed, mowing the lawn.  Mowing the lawn, whatContinue reading “Arguing the Chicken and the Egg – May 16, 2023”

Lies! Lies! Lies! – May 13, 2023

spwilcen There are areas of our lives where we do not benefit from MSM truth-o-meter services. Concepts and false realities fester unchecked until, by Zeus, we believe them true and let them make life less than blissful.  Here are a few I find particularly odious. Procrastination Overrated. Some have been infected so long, they flauntContinue reading “Lies! Lies! Lies! – May 13, 2023”

Back to School – May 11, 2023

spwilcen Yupper.  Looking to enhance my writing skills. The full-price, half-degree Liberal Arts palace of enlightenment down the highway offers scads of “adult writing” classes designed to separate senior citizens from any Social Security surplus they might otherwise struggle to dispose of. This institution of higher learning targets seniors because it realizes seniors have glommedContinue reading “Back to School – May 11, 2023”

Horror Genre – May 10, 2023

spwilcenski MA: language, politically incorrect, animal violence to and fro. Lexiphobe alert: 1.2k words To date, Horror and Romance genres have not been something I cared to dabble in.  Not qualified.  Not sharp enough. Frankly don’t understand the genres. More than frankly, don’t like either. However, alas, oh say it isn’t so, I find afterContinue reading “Horror Genre – May 10, 2023”

WGA Whiplash – Special May 4, 2023

spwilcen Already I’m forgetting the game plan.  By the way, working posts several days ahead of schedule isn’t working out well.   Take the post scheduled for tomorrow – makes me something of a what was his name?  Rumpledstillskin? No. Quasimoto? No. Dostronomus? Ah well.  But this looked like fun. Reality Crappy wages. Short term contracts. Continue reading “WGA Whiplash – Special May 4, 2023”

Odds and Ends – May 1, 2023

graphx: spwilcen Ice fog. Interesting. Kind of doesn’t make sense. Kinda pretty in a spooky way. Montana. State I always thought would be a good place to relocate to.  You know, not so many Wokers.  Guess that’s off the table. Enough Wokers live there a Woker got elected to the state legislature.  Caused a bitContinue reading “Odds and Ends – May 1, 2023”

The REAL Problem – April 27, 2023

graphx: spwilcen Bile. Not PC. Lacking liberal sensitivity. Lacking conservative fanaticism. First, here are two tragic events of the type we see all too often. Give a look. Shooting The gist of it. A basketball strayed from a neighborhood hoop session. Said basketball found its way down the street to a neighbor’s yard. That neighborContinue reading “The REAL Problem – April 27, 2023”

Crossword Clue – April 26, 2023

graphx: spwilcen Not PC. Failure to constructively sublimate disrespect for politicians either side of the aisle. For an occasional diversion, I’ll work a crossword. I find it troubling that crossword authors and editors are today ensnarled in MSM philosophies and practices. Clues reek of value judgments and inaccurate definitions. Wordsmithing skills suggest little care forContinue reading “Crossword Clue – April 26, 2023”

Say, Great Britain – Special April 21, 2023

graphx: spwilcen Reflecting upon… Windsor Bar, Dundalk, Ireland: Folks across the puddle – are you now as impressed with Sleepy Joe as most Americans are? Once again I wonder, “Who pulled Howdy Doody’s strings?” With a touch of smartassed old guy un-PC-ness. Depending on your bent (and whether or not you are bent) a smidgeContinue reading “Say, Great Britain – Special April 21, 2023”

Dateline South Texas – April 20, 2023

spwilcen Pure FictionDepending on your wokeness, perhaps not PC. South Texas: mid-April, 2023 Several South Texas metropolitan areas are now on the short list of candidates for the upcoming relocation of all Federal offices from Washington, D.C. That expressly includes the White House and Congress. While many complain of relocation financing, numbers suggest it willContinue reading “Dateline South Texas – April 20, 2023”